Owen's Birth Story - Part II

Continued from Part I last week...

So, as the contractions slowed, Nick tried to take my mind off of everything by turning the subject to food...and the idea that our friend who owns a restaurant nearby the hospital could perhaps bring us take out later that night. So we joked with our favorite nurse about checking out the menu and letting us know what she wanted to order. I was really looking forward to some good/non-hospital food, thinking we would be in the labor room for the rest of the night, when suddenly lots of alarms and buzzers started going off and everyone got quiet and focused. I went into total panic at this point. I had no idea why, or what was going on. Time slowed and became fragmented. Suddenly there were a lot more people in the room. Suddenly I had an oxygen mask shoved on my face. Suddenly my doctor was in the room. I remember my sweet nurse brushing the hair off my forehead and telling me everything was going to be ok, and that everyone who needed to be in the room to get our baby safely out was here. I remember when she said that I nodded in understanding but started to cry hysterically. They said the baby's heart rate was decelerating and that I need to start pushing. By that point it was go time.

I don't remember a lot clearly beyond this and what happened next. I remember things calming down, and taking huge deep breaths to try and regulate my oxygen levels. I remember the nurse asking my doctor if Nick could catch the baby. I remember pushing and feeling like my head was going to pop off and trying so hard to get the baby out fast. I remember the feeling of the top of a soft velvet baby head. And remember Nick, at the foot of the bed, holding our new crying babe and looking down, looking at me, and looking down again, in utter shock and disbelief as he said - "it's a boy!" It felt like time truly stopped in that moment, and I'll never forget it. It felt frozen in time. I was so impatient and finally yelled - "let me see the baby!" and remember this tiny peanut curled up crying on my chest. Pure bliss. Our baby boy Owen had arrived, at 10:10 pm, six hours after my water broke.

owen brand new - this little joy
owen - this little joy

Our little peanut got to hang out on my chest for a while before they cut the cord and weighed him. He was so calm and alert right away, and we just got to gaze at each other and I couldn't stop kissing his fuzzy little face.

owen on the scale - this little joy

Seven pounds, two ounces! Tiny man compared to his big sis! Did not enjoy getting unwrapped for his weigh in.


Wrapped back up and hanging out with daddy.

first picture with mom and dad - this little joy

First picture with mom and dad. Just a few minutes old!

I was able to score a chicken caesar salad (only gluten free option I could figure off the limited late night menu) and wolfed it down in record time. Along with a little mini Haagen-Daaz. After we were moved to our room to recover, and Nick waited to help the nurses give Owen his first bath. By this time it was probably midnight and I was exhausted. Nick left the hospital around 1:00 am to head home and relieve our neighbors who took over watching Reese and put her to bed after Allyson left. Reese did awesome that night, but apparently woke up at 6:00 am very concerned and looking for me. Nick said he freaked out and jumped out of bed when he heard the front door open. It was Reese, going out to the front porch "to look for mommy" in tears. I heard that story and burst into tears myself. It just made me realize things will never be like before, just me and her.

But now...our family is complete and it's the best feeling.

Reese meets Owen - this little joy

Reese meeting Owen for the first time. She was so gentle and quiet, just petting his little head. She instantly seemed like such a big girl and such a big sister. She just kept saying - look Mom he is so tiny!!

happy sister - this little joy

And this picture just kills me. Her sweet smile, just pure joy. I can't even.

SO....that is our long story of how Owen William came into the world. I am so grateful for another fast and relatively easy delivery, and so thankful for the amazing nurses at Rose Medical Center who cared for us. And that is how this birth story ends, and our story as a family of four begins!