Baby #2 Update: 24 weeks

Hello! Popping by for a quick baby bump update. I've missed this space a ton this month, and since we are headed into February next week (what??) I wanted to post an update because I enjoy reading them so much from other blogger mamas. No time like the present! I am just finishing up the 24th week of being preggo with baby #2. And things are finally getting easier - I have been feeling SO much better. I would say things starting feeling better around 20 weeks, which is still far too long to feel like crap, but at least things are smoother now!

this little joy - 24 weeks pregnant

How far along: 24 Weeks

Baby is the size of: an ear of corn! I would say length-wise, that feels pretty accurate!

Loving: I live in maternity leggings - all day everyday. And from the looks of this picture I need to stop pretending I can fit in my old stuff still and invest in some longer shirts and tank tops. Ha!

Best Moment of the Month: Lots of movement happening, finally! According to our 20 week ultrasound, I'm carrying this baby a little differently, and the placenta is facing outward this time. So I am not feeling all the big kicks in the middle like I did with Reese. I mostly feel them on my sides, by my hips this time, which is a pretty funny/weird feeling!

Worst Moment of the Month: Return of Braxton-Hicks big time...everyday at any given point. I definitely never forgot how uncomfortable they can be - yikes. They always remind me I need to drink water!

Missing Anything: Nope! Not even wine (doesn't sound appealing at all right now). We do plan to go for a nice sushi dinner soon and I will definitely not deprive myself or baby of some delicious salmon and tuna.

Sleep: Is finally good again! After a first-trimester filled with insomnia and exhaustion, it is nice to sleep reliably each night. And Reese is doing much better at night in her "big girl" bed, which is also helping.

Cravings/Aversions: Not as many cravings so far, but orange juice is back on the list. Aversions are still coming and going and mostly around raw veggies and certain meat. But I am trying to get my salad in when it sounds good to me.

Looking Forward to: Getting excited about baby stuff again. Maybe I've been living in slight denial, but I honestly haven't purchased one single thing or item of clothing for baby #2 (sorry baby!), but I am attending a baby shower this weekend for a dear friend, and then heading to Chicago next weekend to see my best girlfriends and one of them just had a little baby girl last week! I can't wait to meet her and snuggle a newborn again!

Hope you have a fab weekend!!