And just like's the weekend

Maybe not just like that, but still...happy weekend everyone!  Even though it was technically a short week because of Memorial Day, it did not feel that way. Why is that? Anyone else feel like short weeks are the longest weeks, truly?

tropical beauties - this little joy

And I know I already shared these on Instagram, but how beautiful are these tropical flowers? It was such a treat to have these delivered today, all the way from Hawaii! You don't see beauties like this everyday in Colorado. They are from our neighbors and wonderful friends that used to live a few doors away, but recently moved all the way to Florida. We miss them so much!  

chop chop - this little joy

In other news - I am working on a rainbow cabbage salad recipe, and more importantly, my sister is coming to visit us this weekend! We are so excited. I can't wait for Auntie Sha to see Reese. We haven't seen her since Christmas! So hopefully we can get outside and just enjoy being together.  Won't lie my sister is really great at organizing and I definitely could use some help in that department! The house feels like there is clutter and toys everywhere.  And Reese seems so big to me now, I can't wait for Reese to get to really hangout with her cool auntie. And wear fun hair accessories.


If it is nice we want to get our deck together (our new outdoor patio table was delivered today whoop whoop!) and plant the containers I purchased on Monday, but never got around to planting everything this week. Picture tutorial to follow! And if it isn't nice (we might be due for some more rain, whyyyyy...) at least I'll have an excuse to bake my favorite brownies again ha!

What are you up to this weekend? Do you love/hate cabbage? Anyone else container gardening this summer?