Weekend Things + Working On...

Happy weekend everyone! In between catching up on work, email and cleaning, we are working on a lot of things over here today, all indoors, because it looked like this outside this morning:


Yuck. A weird snowy-rainy mix turning everything into a sloppy mess. So we got creative and brought the DIY water table idea inside. Note - get lots of extra towels for this experience. And watch for toe-dipping (hence the eyebrow raise). Also spread out the couch cushions and patio furniture cushions in the basement for some fort building.


Things we are working on lately:


Eating cherry tomatoes. She loves everything else on this plate, but sinks her teeth into each cherry tomato and puts them back on the plate. They say you need to expose kids to a food over 20 times before they decide if they like it? Or something like that. Gotta keep trying.

working on table sitting

Sitting at the big table. Reese has a fascination with chairs lately, and her new word is "sit." So she goes around pointing to all the chairs at the dining room table and says "sit." I oblige every time and move her from chair to chair. I think she is signing "eat" here too.  Like her mama, this girl is always wondering about the next meal. She knows whats up.

working on - this little joy

This recipe for dairy-free/vegan chocolate pudding. Still need to get it just right before I share it but the first round turned out pretty delicious! I am also working on a new series of posts about Hashimoto's and auto-immune disease in general.  Hoping to get those up next week.

What are you working on lately? And with that nap time has come to an end. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!