Weekend Things + Spring Ahead

Well how was your weekend? Spring ahead - love it or hate it? What is it about the time change that makes everyone so crazy? And maybe by everyone I am referring to those crazy babies out there.  The crazy babies who have no concept of time, can't tell time, and yet still intuitively somehow know this shift is upon us, and decide to totally lose it. Nick was out of town all weekend, so it was just me and my homegirl holding down the fort. I was thanking the coffee gods for this:

weekend things + spring ahead - this little joy

And so of course, Saturday night was the perfect time for her two front teeth to try to make their debut. Yes, Reese is 18 months old and has two bottom teeth ONLY. I knew this day would come. I hoped this day would come. I would love for her to have some actual chompers so I can eventually stop cutting her food into microscopic pieces and still worry about her gagging and choking. However, Saturday night we were up three times between 10:30 - 2:30, and then of course slept in until 9:00 (which was really 8:00), which meant she refused to take an afternoon nap until 3:00, which meant I woke her up at 4:00 anyway...and you see where this is going. Everyone. Grumpy. I managed to make it to Target in the morning, and left in a hurry after the fourth in-store melt down. Around 11:00 this morning I could be seen pushing an empty stroller, shopping bag on one arm, and Reese sideways and kicking screaming in my other arm as I navigated the massive parking lot tried to remember where I parked the damn car, and stopping traffic in the process. So all in all, it was a long weekend around here in toddler-ville, full of character-building, patience-testing, mess-making, and not a whole lot of sleep or productivity.

However, Sunday did ultimately end with a smile. And a drooly kiss.

weekend things + spring ahead - this little joy

How do you deal with the time change? Anyone else have a super-late teether and have tips to share?