About Me

I'm Colette Larson, and welcome to my blog - this little joy. I live outside Denver, Colorado with my husband Nick, our daughter Reese and fur-baby Avery.

Here is a little bit about our story and why I'm writing this blog:

Nick and I met freshman year at the University of Denver. We graduated, got jobs, went through a few years of shenanigans before finally tying the knot.  I decided to ditch the corporate world to return to school to pursue a degree which led me to international nonprofit work. After working abroad on-and-off, we eventually decided to start a family.

Also during that time, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's or auto-immune thyroid disease, and became obsessed with learning about the connection between food and health.  With guidance, I completely overhauled my diet and lifestyle. I committed to going gluten-free for good, and nine months later I was able to get pregnant. Once Reese came into the picture, everything changed a little bit!

Currently I try to balance working full-time for a nonprofit with raising a healthy family. I love sharing gluten-free recipes, great finds, and my favorite blogs with friends. I want to document my journey as a mama while finding joy in the fun and not-so-fun moments...and hope that you will find some inspiration (or at least some laughter) along the way, thank you for reading!