Baby #2 Update: 24 weeks

Hello! Popping by for a quick baby bump update. I've missed this space a ton this month, and since we are headed into February next week (what??) I wanted to post an update because I enjoy reading them so much from other blogger mamas. No time like the present! I am just finishing up the 24th week of being preggo with baby #2. And things are finally getting easier - I have been feeling SO much better. I would say things starting feeling better around 20 weeks, which is still far too long to feel like crap, but at least things are smoother now!

this little joy - 24 weeks pregnant

How far along: 24 Weeks

Baby is the size of: an ear of corn! I would say length-wise, that feels pretty accurate!

Loving: I live in maternity leggings - all day everyday. And from the looks of this picture I need to stop pretending I can fit in my old stuff still and invest in some longer shirts and tank tops. Ha!

Best Moment of the Month: Lots of movement happening, finally! According to our 20 week ultrasound, I'm carrying this baby a little differently, and the placenta is facing outward this time. So I am not feeling all the big kicks in the middle like I did with Reese. I mostly feel them on my sides, by my hips this time, which is a pretty funny/weird feeling!

Worst Moment of the Month: Return of Braxton-Hicks big time...everyday at any given point. I definitely never forgot how uncomfortable they can be - yikes. They always remind me I need to drink water!

Missing Anything: Nope! Not even wine (doesn't sound appealing at all right now). We do plan to go for a nice sushi dinner soon and I will definitely not deprive myself or baby of some delicious salmon and tuna.

Sleep: Is finally good again! After a first-trimester filled with insomnia and exhaustion, it is nice to sleep reliably each night. And Reese is doing much better at night in her "big girl" bed, which is also helping.

Cravings/Aversions: Not as many cravings so far, but orange juice is back on the list. Aversions are still coming and going and mostly around raw veggies and certain meat. But I am trying to get my salad in when it sounds good to me.

Looking Forward to: Getting excited about baby stuff again. Maybe I've been living in slight denial, but I honestly haven't purchased one single thing or item of clothing for baby #2 (sorry baby!), but I am attending a baby shower this weekend for a dear friend, and then heading to Chicago next weekend to see my best girlfriends and one of them just had a little baby girl last week! I can't wait to meet her and snuggle a newborn again!

Hope you have a fab weekend!!



Baby #2

And I'm back...and pregnant with baby #2. Yup it's been awhile, so let's catch up on what's been happening. I told Nick I was pregnant by having Reese give him this little package below. His expression was priceless and I'll never forget how confused and surprised he was.

this little joy - baby number 2

I found out I was pregnant shortly after Reese's 2nd birthday. So I am currently at 18 weeks along already this week. Which is crazy. At first, I felt nothing. I felt totally normal, it was great! I kept waiting for something to happen, to make me feel like it wasn't all just a dream, but I continued to feel fine week after week. And then week 8 happened. I suddenly had all day 24/7 nausea which hit me hard. They say every pregnancy is different, and that is certainly the truth for me. This first trimester was really tough, and I don't remember having most of the symptoms with Reese. Besides the nausea, I also had terrible insomnia for about 6 weeks. I would say the nausea finally ended (knock on wood) after 9 weeks. So yeah, last week.

Needless to say, life has totally changed in the last two months. I've basically been trying to survive each day and just get through to bed time. All my energy is spent on trying to get out the door to work and Reese to school, and constantly thinking about what to eat and the next time I can sleep again. Each day, I rack my brain trying to think of what to eat, only to make it or go get it, and have it suddenly seem so unappealing. Our food budget has totally gone out the window. Eating or not eating, it didn't matter, nothing helped the nausea go away during the worst of it. Bread and mac and cheese were good most days. Veggies are usually out. Fruit or a smoothie usually sound good to me. And sometimes red meat. And margarita pizza. But pretty basic stuff only. 

I'm starting to feel better and more normal in terms of eating real meals again in the last week or two. Which is a relief! And the baby is doing great, which is amazing. I really can't complain and we feel truly so blessed.

this little joy - baby number 2

We talk to Reese about becoming a big sister all the time. She is really funny about it and most times replies by telling me about "her baby" which is her favorite baby doll. She is very sweet to her and pushes her around in the doll wagon and puts her to sleep in her crib with all her blankets. It is very cute to watch and gives me hope she will be the same way when the baby arrives!

this little joy - baby number 2
this little joy - baby number 2

Ready to be a big sister!

this little joy - baby number 2

I hope to continue to feel better and get back into the kitchen and cooking again. But to be honest, it just hasn't been the priority lately. It has truly been all about survival the last few weeks, and making it through the day without letting things fall through the cracks. Sometimes I feel guilty that I am not eating better, exercising more, remember to take my prenatal vitamins everyday, etc. But I am doing the best I can for the moment! I do hope to get that second trimester energy that everyone talks far I feel like I am permanently stuck in the first trimester blahs. But I know every week is different and it can all change tomorrow. So, just trying to take it day by day, and also treasure this time before our family grows. It is very exciting and already going by way too fast!